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With its romantic sunsets, friendly smiles of the locals, amazing coral reefs, delightful seafood and as a great place to let your hair down on a good night out partying, Unawatuna Beach can be considered to be the most desirable location for a romantic or enjoyable tropical holiday. With a unique theme concept of a Sri Lankan fishing village, Unawatuna Beach, together with its amazing turquoise blue sea, sandy beaches and sunset views, is an ideal tourist location.
Protected by a double reef over the bay creates a natural pool that make bay safe for swimmers. From the midway of the stretch the swimmers are able to reach to the Rock island. Galapiteala reef and Napoleon Reef, multi level dives brings in the opportunities to enjoy an exceptional marine life: Napoleon Wrasse, Bat Fish, Golden Moray Eels and numerous other colorful species of fish.
Besides swimming, Unawatuna beach is also famous for snorkeling and surfing in view of the reef. The wrecks of sunken ships make Unawatuna beach popular among the scuba divers too. A boat ride of 20 to 30 minutes takes the diving enthusiasts to locations of wreck dives.

The wreck of “Rangoon” British steamer sunken 100 yeas ago, still lying upright with its masts intact, is a popular diving site. Sunk within the same area is the “Tango”. The other location, a wreck of a cargo ship called “Lord Nelson” is about ten years old. Diving schools at Unawatuna are at the service of the diving enthusiasts: they assist, equip and guide the tourists to engage in diving at the beach.

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